Tuesday, January 21, 2014

***ALERT! ALERT! -- Toxic Spill!  -- ALERT! ALERT!***

The Laboratory has finally reached critical mass after dumping waste into the river! Hunters at the Hero rank and above should check out the Toxic Spill on their hunter's map and see if they can hunt there!

The Toxic Spill has polluted the opening of the Burroughs River causing the mice there to mutate into powerful monsters! Read on to learn how hunters can help hunt the mice there and clean up the pollution.

Outbreaks and Toxic Spills

Toxic Spills are the result of a build up of polluted waste from the Lab spilling into the river due to the filtration system being damaged beyond repair by mice. The damaged filters block the waste until they give under the weight of the waste, causing it to flow into the river.

It's somewhat unpredictable how often a spill occurs and just how much waste will be spilled, however, with waste always building up these spills are likely to occur somewhat frequently. Each time there is a spill the amount of waste spilled is a little different, meaning each spill will vary in its level of severity.

Depending on the level of severity, access to the area will be restricted: Higher levels of toxic waste are restricted to higher-hunter's title, while lower levels of waste will allow for less experienced hunters to enter the spill area. These restrictions are for good reason -- High levels of contamination are when the most powerful mice are active requiring experienced hunters with powerful hunting equipment!


So how do you hunt in this new area? You need Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese! To get it, you need to first smash some radioactive blue cheese in your inventory, and craft the following:

  • 2 Radioactive Curds
  • 1 Ionized Salt
  • 1 Radioactive Sludge
That will give you one piece of Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese. Use that cheese to hunt in the Toxic Spill. 

You will also need a HYDRO trap to hunt there, and a strong one. Since the area is brand new, I am not sure if the strength of mice decreases for less experienced hunters, but the trap effectiveness that is on the page right now for Dukes and above (using Phantasmic Oasis) still says "Mild." Take that for what it's worth right now. By the time Heroes can hunt there, who knows, the Ancient Spear Gun might be fine. I really don't know though. More information to come for sure!

As you hunt mice, you'll get loot drops to make charms, rancid potions, etc. As I discover more about this area, I will post it here!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Daily Gnawnian Advent Calendar

There is something new that started a few days ago...a Mousehunt Advent Calendar! See below for the details from the devs!


It's December on the Gnawnian calendar, meaning the Great Winter Hunt is just around the corner! This year the King is looking to spread festive cheer a little early by handing out chocolate advent calendars to each and every hunter!

Each day in December leading up to the 24th, you'll be able to open a door on your Gnawnian Advent Calendar to reveal a tasty treat inside. As a bonus, if you open the door on the exact day it unlocks, the King will give you a little something extra!

Viewing your Gnawnian Advent Calendar

The advent calendar can be accessed in two ways. A small "advent calendar" link has been added to the navigation bar near the very top of the game. Additionally, if you have an unopened door on your calendar, a banner will appear above your journal reminding you to claim your tasty treat!

Remember: Opening the door on the exact date grants a bonus item from the King! The bonus item will vary from day to day, so check back often!

(Link at the top of the game is always there.)

(Banner above journal appears when you have an unopened door.)

(Tasty Advent Chocolate. Not to scale.)

When does the day reset?

Midnight in Gnawnia just so happens to be the same as what hunter's may call "UTC" (Coordinated Universal Time). This is the same time daily gifting counts reset.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

King's Giveaway! Yeah!

As I predicted a few days ago, the event for November is indeed an updated King's Giveaway! What you need to know about this "event" is that the prize mice that already existed in the game are on the loose again in much greater numbers. This means you have a much better shot of catching them! As of this writing, I have already managed to snag a Snooty Mouse. Some of the mice are carrying actual cash prizes! Below is all the information for the event! Have fun hunters!

King's Giveaway

It's giveaway time in Gnawnia! An increased number of prize mice are roaming the entire Kingdom carrying with them prizes of King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, real cash, and more! The giveaway will last for one week with over $25,000 in prizes to be won! Arm your traps and get hunting!

Prize Mice

Treasurer Mouse

Compared to other prize mice, Treasurers are somewhat common during a giveaway. Found wandering the Kingdom, they carefully catalog and count the King's Credits that "higher-ups" have managed to hoard. Capture one and you'll find a few King's Credits for yourself!

Snooty Mouse

Snooty mice enjoy the finer things in life, trading their stockpiles of King's Credits for gourmet cheese and fine clothing. These mice can be difficult to find, but with their capture comes a small handful King's Credits!

High Roller Mouse

These mice hustle massive quantities of King's Credits from other mice using their keen instincts and straight poker face. High Roller mice carry with them a large quantity of King's Credits, however, they're also quite rare. You'll need lady luck on your side to even encounter this mouse, let alone capture it!

Mobster Mouse
(very rare)

Mobster mice don't like a lot of competition from other mice on their turf, and as such, encounters with a Mobster can be few and far between. Capturing a Mobster Mouse will earn you what they call "the good stuff", although it's more frequently referred to as SUPER|brie+ by hunters.

Leprechaun Mouse
(extremely rare — only a few hundred in the entire Kingdom!)

Leprechauns are the source of many fictional stories throughout the Kingdom, which seems suiting as, along with their rarity, many hunters believe these mice to be fiction! Leprechauns are the rarest mouse in the Kingdom with only a few hundred out there to be found. Will luck be on your side and will you find the rarest of all rare mice in your trap?

Regal Journal Theme and Charms!

This most opulent Regal Journal Theme is comprised of two halves. The first half is dropped by Treasurer, Snooty, and High Roller mice; the second half can be purchased from the King's Arms for 15 King's Credits and 10,000 gold. Show off your prize-hunting prowess with regal style!

Regal Charms are handcrafted in Gnawnia from only the finest materials, making them only available in short supply. These extremely powerful charms have 1,000 power, 6 luck, and 20% attraction bonus! Regal Charms can only be found while the Giveaway is active inside Daily Loyalty chests, daily gifts, and in the Regal Gift Basket. Once the Giveaway is over, these charms will no longer be available, so make sure to share as many as you can with friends!

Regal Gift Basket

Packed to the brim with Regal Charms and SUPER|brie+! The Regal Gift basket is perfect for feeling fancy and hunting like a King! Perfect to give to a friend who needs a little lavishness in their life!

Updated King's Arms Items

Put your King's Credits to good use by spending them at the King's Arms located in the Valour region. There you'll find a wide variety of loot to help you in your hunting endeavours. The King has stocked new items, like the Sheriff's Badge Charm, so make sure to visit and check out the wares!

Where can I encounter a prize mouse?

Prize mice can be found anywhere other than the Meadow. However, keep in mind that not all bait will attract a prize mouse. See the list below of bait capable of attracting a prize mouse.

What happens when I catch a prize mouse?

Journal entries for prize mouse catches are bright green, making them hard to miss! In addition to a journal entry, you'll also receive a notification in your inbox letting you know which mouse you caught and what prize it was carrying.

If a prize mouse was carrying King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, or other items, the items are added directly to your inventory. Should you capture a mouse carrying a real cash prize, you'll receive a second journal containing a link to claim your prize.

Prize mice are on the loose!
  • Hunt almost anywhere for prize mice
  • Over $25,000 in prizes!
  • More than 500,000 pieces of SUPER|brie+ to win!
  • Collect King's Credits to spend at the King's Arms
  • Collect the Regal Journal Theme

  • Good luck in the giveaway, hunters!

    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    Some event coming Thanksgiving week?

    The Devs posted a link on the application Facebook page for Mousehunt that something is coming next week. We are left to speculate what that "something" could mean, but some are wondering if it is indeed another "King's Giveaway."

    I'll spare you the detailed explanation and just cut to the chase: the last time the Devs did this, November 2010, it was an unmitigated disaster (the whole Prize Power deal). If they are doing something similar, I hope they find a better solution for catching those prize mice!

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Halloween is over...ready for the Great Winter Hunt?

    The Haunted Territories event came to an end a few days ago, but hunters should not get the post-sugar rush depressions....it is time in about a month for the Great Winter Hunt of 2013!

    What can you do to prepare for it? Well, nothing really, but it never hurts to have gold on hand!

    During this interim window between the two popular events, many veteran hunters take the time to accomplish their own personal tasks, like completing come silver crowns, doing treasure maps, or participating in tournaments. For me personally, I am doing a treasure map and trying to catch that elusive Black Widow!

    November has usually been a time for Mousehunt to welcome it's new members in a sort of "Newcomer's Appreciation Month." While it is not official this year, take some time and find some newer hunters (if you're a veteran) who you can assist with your knowledge of the game.

    For those of you looking for the FAQ/Strategy Guide, simply look above and mouse-over the "Pages" link to find the appropriate section!

    Happy hunting!

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Claw Shot City!

    Round up some grub little doggies! Time to catch some vermin!

    The Mousehunt Developers, about two weeks ago, released a new area called Claw Shot City. It is a completely new area with a completely new power type which is called "Law."

    While there has been some angst among seasoned hunters about the new area, I for one love the new area, because it begins to address a problem that Mousehunt began to have after the release of the Fiery Warpath: Power Creep. Essentially, the more high power mice you create, you have to create more high power traps to catch them. And it keeps going and going and going. The problem is, how far is too far? One of the beauty of Mousehunt is that while there is a definite linear path to follow, you don't have to take this path necessarily. That being said, when you obtain the FW traps, you need little else for the most part. It cheapens the game, and it would cheapen new areas that were physical or tactical or hydro areas.

    Enter Claw Shot City, where we are given a new trap, the Spring Loaded Attack Cactus, or SLAC for short. It's very weak. 300 power, only very modest bonuses. There is an upgrade, but it costs 500 fools gold (I currently have 325, so I'm still with SLAC 1), which can be obtained in the new area.

    I will add a section to the FAQ on this part of the game once more portions of it are released. As of right now, it is very apparent that there is still more to come.

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    Event Season!

    Event season!

    Hello fellow Mousehunters! I apologize for not keeping up with this blog, I am in the process of looking for a different free hosting solution right now, not to mention the rigors of a busy life! 

    Ronza is currently visiting, and I'll be making a post shortly about the current state of the game, where Mousehunt is, how this veteran player views it, and where I think Mousehunt should go from here. 

    But for the time being, I am finally putting the finishing touches on the Living Garden FAQ. I know there are tons of guides out there, but I know that there are loyal readers here (I see page views and impressions, so I know you're out there, even returning visitors!) who appreciate the style in which I present the information. There are lots of good people who know a lot about this game for sure.

    Today I will have the base and trap pages updated with new information! Happy hunting!